Publication Scheme

We are committed to proactively publishing or otherwise making available information to the public. The information below links to other areas of our website or direct document links, to the information.

Who we are and what we do?

What we spend and how we spend it?

We provide the current year and the previous financial year on our website. In our meetings section on our website, we display the past 5 years therefore, financial information will also be available from the meetings. If you are unsure where to look, please contact us and we can assist.

Financial information




Financial audit

Statement of accounts and internal audit

Report in the format included in the Annual Return form

Finalised budget


Borrowing Approval letters:

All items of expenditure above £100

Financial Standing Orders and Regulations

Grants given and received

List of current contracts awarded and value of the contract

Members’ allowances and expenses

How we make decisions

Lists and Registers Currently maintained lists and registers only

Assets register, including details of public land and building assets

Disclosure log indicating the information provided in response to FOIA and EIR requests.

Register of members’ interests

Register of gifts and hospitality – This information is located with the Monitoring office at Wiltshire Council

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