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Council & Committee Meetings
Meetings of the Full Council and Committees take place on a Tuesday evening at 7pm (unless otherwise indicated). Agendas for meetings are posted both on this page and on notice boards at the Civic Centre the week prior to each meeting.

Previous meeting minutes (up to the past twelve months) and future meetings are shown below, including access to agendas and reports when available.

Who can attend?
Members of the public are welcome to attend any meetings, unless specifically excluded due to the confidential nature of discussions. Please contact if you wish to attend a meeting in person. Where it is not possible for you to attend (due to capacity), access will be available online via Microsoft TEAMS: meeting links are below. 

Only those attending in person will be able to ask questions and make statements at the meeting during the public period. Questions and statements can otherwise be submitted in advance.

Meetings in public information
Meetings of the Town Council and committees are ‘meetings in public’ not ‘public meetings’. This means that members of the public are welcome to attend and at each meeting there will be a period of time to raise issues and questions. Public attendees cannot participate in discussions or interject with points of order or other comments. The meeting Chair may permit members of the public to comment and ask questions about a matter on the agenda immediately prior to the meeting.

Meetings can only include agenda items. Therefore if members of the public raise issues during the public session, these matters cannot be discussed if they are not included within the agenda. Such matters can be referred to a future meeting of the council or a committee.

Annual Parish Meeting
This is a public meeting, of all electors on the electoral roll of the town where members of the public can raise any issue and the whole meeting, can discuss those matters.

Meetings Calendar

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