Councillors participate in committees & sub-committees where decisions regarding the town are made

There is 60 seats on the six standing committees. 

Members of the public are invited to attend committee meetings and sub-committee meetings.

The Tender Review Sub-Committee will address confidential tender and procurement matters. During discussions involving contractual information related to procurement exercises, resulting contracts, and relationships with current and potential new suppliers and providers, most of the discussion will be confidential, excluding members of the public. 

The Town Clerk review panel is not a public meeting.

Policy & Resources Committee


Vice Chair

Town Development Committee

Leisure Services Committee

Events & Community Engagement Committee

Neighbourhood Services & Facilities Committee

Museum Committee

Risk & Audit Sub-Committee

Reports to Policy & Resources Committee 

Anti-Social Behaviour Sub-Committee

Reports to Neighbourhood Services Committee 

Town Park Sub-Committee

Reports to Neighbourhood Services Committee 

Sports Pitches Development Sub-Committee

Reports to Leisure Services Committee 

Town Clerk’s Review Panel

Greener Trowbridge Sub-Committee

Reports to Neighbourhood Services Committee 

Tender Review Sub-Committee

Reports to Policy & Resources 

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