Wiltshire Council Local Plan Consultation Begins Today

Wiltshire Council is asking for your input! The consultation began today, and they are holding in-person events across the county.

The Local Plan review will:

  • Set out a vision and framework for Wiltshire for the period to 2038, addressing housing needs and other economic, social, and environmental priorities.
  • Assess the future levels of need and an appropriate basis for new homes (including market, affordable, and specialist housing), employment land, and infrastructure provision over that period.
  • Consider if the existing adopted development strategy remains relevant, identifying new site allocations relating to housing and employment together with supporting services and infrastructure.
  • Inspect existing Wiltshire Core Strategy development management policies to ensure their continued consistency with national policy.
  • Introduce further detailed development management policies as part of a review of the saved development management policies not replaced by the Wiltshire Core Strategy.
  • Develop additional, locally distinctive policies to plan positively for all town centres in Wiltshire consistent with national policy.

With 16 drop-in events at libraries and learning centres and live e-learning-style events on Microsoft Teams, you can drop into the in-person events without booking, but you need to register beforehand for the online event. Click here to register.

The consultation ends at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, the 22nd of November. Visit the website by clicking here, to view the full details and the timetable of events.



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