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Beat The Street

The Success of “Beat The Street” in Trowbridge

In 2023, the Beat The Street game was a remarkable triumph, with an impressive 6,415 participants collectively travelling 78,497 miles. On average, each player travelled 12 miles. The event was a major hit, with 74 teams registering to play, reflecting a high level of enthusiasm and engagement from the community. The game was designed to encourage physical activity and foster a sense of community and belonging among the participants, who were able to explore and become more familiar with the local area.  

To celebrate the success of Beat The Street, a special event was held on Tuesday. Pete Saunders, a gold medalist at the Invictus Games, joined the festivities, adding a touch of prestige to the occasion. The event was made even more exciting and memorable, and the participants were filled with pride and excitement. Congratulations to the winners, Walwayne Court School, School Total Points, North Bradley Primary School, Parish School, Avon Valley Running Club, Community Team, Stepping Stones, Charity Total Points John of Gaunt School, Parish School Average Points and The Kiwis, Community & Workplace Teams Average Points.  

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