Urban Mammoth Comes to Trowbridge

There is nothing we like to see more than new business within our gifted community, and Urban Mammoth is another fine example of our talented entrepreneurs. Urban Mammoth, founded by Gem Novis, is a testament to the creativity in the local community. Established in July 2023, Urban Mammoth offers a range of products that are curated with imagination and care. Gem’s background in community work led to a successful debut at local markets, with plans for online expansion. As an independent retailer, Urban Mammoth partners with UK manufacturers and local artisans for quality and fairness, and are committed to having a physical presence on our high-street. Their range includes blankets, outdoor wear, and cosy handcrafted items, alongside some repurposed and upcycled goods. The company’s ethos centres on community engagement and ethical values, promising a bright future with a commitment to comfort, style, and sustainability.

You can find out more about Urban Mammouth here.


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