Understanding the Precept Increase

At the January full council meeting, a 22.85% increase in the Town Council share of the Council Tax was approved for the 2024/25 financial year.

Here’s a breakdown of what this means:

Wiltshire Council, as the billing authority receives payment of Council Tax, including what’s called a precept from town and parish councils.

Trowbridge Town Council receives just over 11%, Wiltshire Council 74%, Police 11%  & Fire & Rescue 4%

For example, let’s take a Band D property in Trowbridge. The annual council tax bill is £2,432.61, & Trowbridge Town Council’s share is £270.65.

The 22.85% increase is equivalent to an additional £50.34 per year for a Band D property. Wiltshire Council will be charging an extra £85.82.

Therefore, a Band D property will contribute an extra 97p weekly towards Trowbridge Town Council services.

For every £100 of the Town Council’s share of council tax, the funds are allocated as follows:



Breakdown TTC

  • Trowbridge Museum £9.02
  • Leisure Services including Active Trowbridge & Town Events £11.53
  • Information Services £5.20
  • Democratic Services £12.68
  • Grants £0.85
  • Finance & HR £4.37
  • Neighbourhood Services including play areas, greenspace maintenance litter & street cleaning £18.91
  • The Civic & Longfield Community Centre £2.93
  • Facilities including buildings, IT & utilities £31.11
  • Capital Investment £3.40

For a complete overview of the town council’s services & offerings, please visit the Our Services page. Direct links to the The Civic, Museum & Active Trowbridge.

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