Trowbridge Town Hall Refurbishment Update: May 2024

Exciting developments are underway at Trowbridge Town Hall as refurbishment progresses. Here are the latest updates:

  • The new roof is almost finished, making the building completely watertight. The final section, covering the caretaker’s flat, is currently being slated.
  • Skilled stonemasons have finished rebuilding the chimneys on the west and south sides, along with repairing the stone façades.
  • Park Road is temporarily closed for scaffold removal, followed by the completion of stone repairs and decoration on that side.
  • Inside the Town Hall, new openings have been created, and the site is prepared for installing mechanical and electrical services.
  • Copper piping, ductwork, and drainage systems are being installed, while damaged plaster and old wallpaper are removed for redecoration.
  • The Great Hall now features acoustic boarding for sound absorption, with upcoming tasks including wall decoration and electrical work.
  • The single-ply flat roof and Air Handling Unit installation are complete, along with lead detailing on the organ roof and flashings on the flat roof covers.

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