Trowbridge Town Councillors Express Their Gratitude to Charity Organisations

Trowbridge Town Council were delighted to receive reports at the council meeting on 18th July from each of the organisations which have received grants from the town council this year:

Trowbridge Area Community Link Scheme  £2,000
Wiltshire Mind                £1,000
Help Counselling Service                                       £1,000
Citizens Advice Bureau                                          £5,000
Trowbridge Future                             £15,000
Monday Wednesday Club:             £900 
Trowbridge Town Football Club         £1,000 
Wiltshire Youth for Christ             £800 
Splash Community First            £800 
Trowbridge Lions                 £800 
The Amber Foundation             £1,000 
Trowbridge Service Users Group         £750 
Youth Adventure Trust             £900 
Families Out Loud                 £1,000 
Fearless                     £550 
Wiltshire Sight                 £800 
Carer Support Wiltshire             £850 
Collaborative Schools             £500 
Alzheimer’s Support                 £350 
YMCA Green shoots Nursery         £500 
Trowbridge Eco                 £500 
Trowbridge Town Hall Trust £10,000


Trowbridge Town Councillors would like to express their gratitude to those organisations and thank them for their dedication and hard work over the years in supporting, advising, and helping the residents of Trowbridge.

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