Trowbridge Town Council Presents New Management and Committee Structure

Trowbridge Town Council announced significant operational changes during a recent Policy and Resources meeting.  The changes included a new staffing structure and an updated committee framework, aimed at enhancing local governance and community services. These changes were implemented at the beginning of the financial year in April 2024, are set to streamline operations and foster greater community engagement. 

The new management structure is a step towards optimising the council’s efficiency. This revised structure has been meticulously designed to better align with the council’s strategic goals and to ensure that resources are utilised more effectively. A detailed illustration of this new framework has been shared with all council members and can be viewed on the Town Council’s website. 

In addition to the staffing changes, a proposal to restructure the council’s committees will be considered at the Annual Council meeting on 21st May. Under the proposed changes, the Leisure & Information Services Committee and the Civic Board will be replaced by two new committees: the Leisure Services Committee and the Events & Community Engagement Committee. This adjustment introduces one additional standing committee compared to the current structure, thereby enhancing the focus on community and event-related initiatives. 

A pro forma of the proposed committee structure has been circulated to councillors, enabling them to nominate committee membership places for the 2024/25 civic year. 

Trowbridge Town Council remains committed to improving service delivery for the town and fostering an inclusive, vibrant community. These changes reflect the council’s dedication to continuous improvement and respond to the needs of Trowbridge residents. 

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