Trowbridge Town Council Highlights World Environment Day

As Trowbridge Town Council celebrates World Environment Day, we thought we would highlight some of the things we are doing to look after our environment.

Trowbridge Town Council has made a firm commitment to place climate emergency at the heart of everything it does and every decision it makes. As a public body, our aim is to achieve carbon neutral status at the earliest opportunity by analysing council functions and taking a staged approach to phasing out or offsetting carbon emitting practices.

By working with individuals and community organisations such as Trowbridge Eco and Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce via our Environmental Working Group, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve, assessing our own progress and assisting those environmental and business partner organisations where we can, to help them achieve their environmental goals also.

Amongst other environmental issues, Trowbridge Town Council has so far:

  • Declared an environmental emergency
  • Declared an ecological emergency, (brought forward by Trowbridge Eco)
  • Created an environmental working group
  • Switched to 100% renewable electricity
  • Phased out the use of pesticides
  • Started to introduce more ecologically-sound planting practices
  • Built a new storage unit that houses electric vehicles
  • Committed to a carbon audit and subsequent periodic reviews
  • Placed environmental consideration as a pivotal checkpoint during decision making
  • Committed to working with other parishes.

This is just the start: our environmental drive will continue to push the council forward, as we strive to be one of the first councils in the country to achieve carbon neutral status.


New Kerbside Recycling

Wiltshire Council have introduced a new kerbside recycling service from Monday 5th June, where they will be collecting small rechargeable electricals such as:

  • MP3 players
  • Electric toothbrushes Shavers/trimmers
  • All vapes and e-cigarettes Smart watches
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Charging devices/power banks Wireless earphones


Trowbridge Eco Group

Have you heard about Trowbridge ECOgroup?  The group ‘aims  to raise awareness, encourage and act through positive practical action, and inspire others to change lifestyle to the better of our community.’  They are responsible for the Go Wild, Blue Hearts and GROW initiatives, as well as Litter Picks and TECO Party Packs.

Go Wild

on the second Saturday of the month to help maintain a wildlife garden. Amongst other things we have planted bulbs, trees and native plants, cleared nettles and built a bug hotel.

Blue Hearts

Blue hearts is a space for nature campaign and the aim is to set aside a space, no matter how small to allow nature to flourish and grow.  The campaign’s goal is to restore Britain’s ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself and restore our relationship with the natural world. You might see this throughout the town and our neighboring towns too.


The group look after 3 raised beds at the Gloucester Road Allotments.  The sow seeds, weed, water and harvest crops.  They also help to take care of the wild patch at the allotmetns and donate any surplus produce to a local foodbank.

TECO Party Packs

The group also offer sustainable Party Packs offer a sustainable alternative to disposable partyware, so you can keep on having fun without the single use waste!

You can out more, and to get involved, by visiting their website HERE

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