Trowbridge Town Council General Grants

Trowbridge Town Council award General Grants of up to £2000 on a yearly basis to charities and organisations who support Trowbridge residents. The General Grants application process for 2024 is now open. Please submit your application and any supporting documents by the 30th April 2024 to be considered at the P&R committee meeting in July. Successful applicants will be awarded the grant as part of the Civic Ceremony later in July.

Core Grants are for amounts more than £2000 and are awarded to successful applicants on a yearly basis (as long as the charity or organisation still fits the criteria). The Core Grant application for 2025-2026 opens in April 2024 and applications will need to be submitted with supporting evidence by 30th September considered at the P&R committee in November when budget setting. If successful, your charity or organisation will be awarded the grant in July 2025 as part of the Civic Ceremony.

Should you require any guidance on Trowbridge Town Council grants or alternative grant funding opportunities please contact Trowbridge Town Council on 01225 765072 or email the Council Secretary Natasha Patterson who will be happy to offer guidance and support in this matter.

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