Trowbridge Town Council Continues to Enhance Public Accessibility and Protect Privacy

Trowbridge Town Council is dedicated to maintaining transparency and accessibility in its operations while respecting the privacy and legal rights of its employees and participants. In its ongoing efforts to ensure that all council activities are accessible to the public, the council is pleased to announce the continuation of its practice of offering live access to meetings through Microsoft TEAMS and making recordings available on the council’s official website. 

The council acknowledges the growing trend of broadcasting meetings on widely accessible social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, after careful consideration and review, Trowbridge Town Council has decided against streaming its meetings on these platforms at the moment. This decision was made to protect the privacy of individuals involved in the meetings and to prevent potential legal issues that could arise from the unauthorised sharing of content, as advised by our external advisors. 

It is important for the community to understand that not all employees or participants have consented to having their images or contributions shared broadly on social media. Unauthorised dissemination of such content could lead to damaging legal claims against the council or the individuals involved. Therefore, the council has chosen a more controlled and secure method to provide access to its proceedings. 

Residents of Trowbridge can continue to engage with the council’s activities by joining meetings live on TEAMS or by viewing the recordings posted on the council’s website. This approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to stay informed and involved in council affairs without compromising personal privacy. 

The council remains committed to promoting these options through its website and other media to ensure that all community members are aware of how they can participate in and access council meetings. The Council will undertake further analysis of the YouTube option and review this later in the year. 

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