Trowbridge Takes Part in No Mow May

Trowbridge Town Council is dedicating specific areas to take part in the national campaign ‘No Mow May’. This wildlife-friendly campaign was founded by the UK charity Plantlife and encourages people not to mow their lawns in the month of May. The idea is simple yet powerful: let nature take the stage during May. Why? Because our wildflowers and the buzzing pollinators that rely on them are facing tough times. By holding off on mowing designated areas around town until June, we’re setting the table for early-season pollinators, offering them a buffet of habitats and food sources right when they need it most.

Keep an eye out around the Lambrock Wards. You’ll spot our signs in some of these open spaces, proudly announcing our participation in this wildlife-friendly campaign.

Anyone can take part in No Mow May; every inch matters! So no matter how small your garden is, you can still make a significant difference. To find out more, you can visit PlantLife’s website.

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