Trowbridge Service Users Group: Sharing Food and Friendship

We were contacted by the Trowbridge Service Users Group who would like to share some information about their community group.

Food has symbolic meaning for everyone around the world. By sharing a snack or meal, we tap into a source of deep connection.

Food has always been a great connector at Trowbridge Service Users Group, with members bringing biscuits and cakes or having little celebrations when possible. But with the cost-of-living crisis the group has seen a decline in members bringing food and the need for members to access Trowbridge Futures community fridge.

So, in their Lottery funding bid they asked for a small amount to provide a little something to eat, such as beans on toast, a sandwich along with a free tea or coffee.

Although the group knows that this light meal will not solve all the problems it will provide a setting for members to communicate and build connections. Which fosters support for each other building a more inclusive support network.

As the food / snacks are low-cost members can purchase a second portion at a cost ranging somewhere between 50p and £1. Waste is also limited and where items remain at end of session and cannot be stored items are given to anyone who wants it.

Food will be available at all sessions from October. (Session times and what’s on)

More information about the group can be found here.

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