Trowbridge Park Pond Update

We have contacted several specialist contractors to obtain quotes for the repair work for the pond, which requires dredging, reshaping, and a new liner. To date, contractors have provided
liner and liner installation quotes of circa £45,000. One contractor supplied a quote for full works of circa £260,000.

We approached multiple contractors, but only two have so far responded. Given the complexity of the work, which requires the appointment of a specialist consultant to draw up a
scope of work and follow a full tendering process, and the timeframe that has passed, we are unlikely to receive any further quotes.

This is no longer simply a repair of an asset, but a comprehensive project requiring a much more thorough and lengthy process.

A meeting with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) to discuss the proposed Wetlands spaces in the Biss Meadows environment, provided an opportunity to review the town pond. The Project
Manager has now offered to review the original proposal for the town pond enhancement that was presented previously to this committee in March 2022 (see below):
Further meetings have taken place between the council and interested organisations for the enhancement to the town park pond. Estimations for the project with fees and some contingencies are £300k. A grant for National Lottery funding will be applied for at £250k, plus intention to apply for Landfill Tax, Area Board with up to £20k already budgeted in the town councils’ capital reserves for this project. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, who have been leading this project will continue to do so with assistance from the council. This project forms part of the ABBA project currently being undertaken in Trowbridge for the River Biss.

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