Town Clerk and Councillors Hugging a Tree

Trowbridge is set to blossom with the addition of hundreds of new trees

Trowbridge is set to blossom with the addition of hundreds of new trees this spring, all thanks to a generous grant of £140,471 from Great Western Community Forests.

The initiative, known as Trowbridge Green Thread, will witness the planting of 270 trees throughout the town, enriching both new and existing green spaces such as Paxcroft Brook, Biss Meadows, The Down Cemetery, and the Town Park.

These new trees will serve various purposes, from community orchards to trees in play areas, and even cherry trees that will bring a vibrant touch to the town’s entrances.

In addition to the trees, the project will also receive 500 ‘whips’ – young saplings – for planting, along with bulbs and park benches to encourage residents to relax and relish the beauty of their surroundings.

Councillor Mel Jacob, representing Trowbridge and Wiltshire, expressed her delight at the successful grant application, emphasizing the project’s aim to enhance the town’s existing green spaces. She highlighted the significance of the ‘green thread’ as a unifying element for wildlife and community enjoyment.

Matt Callaway, a local woodland officer for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and a Trowbridge resident, echoed the positive sentiments, emphasizing the environmental benefits of the tree planting initiative. He also noted the community value that would be derived from the fruit produced by the orchards.

Excitement is building as the project progresses, with plans to involve local councillors, environmental groups, and residents in identifying suitable locations for the next phase of the initiative. The grant will cover the costs of tree planting and maintenance for the initial 15 years, after which the responsibility will transition to Trowbridge Town Council.

As the town eagerly anticipates the flourishing green landscape, there is a call for further suggestions and community involvement to shape the future of Trowbridge’s environmental projects.



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