Travel For £2 or Less is Extended!

In an effort to improve public transportation accessibility in Wiltshire, the initiative to allow passengers to travel on most bus routes for £2 or less per single fare has been extended until December 2024 to encourage bus use amid cost-of-living challenges. It aims to create a more connected and sustainable community by capping single bus fares at £2 for adults and concessions, with reduced pricing for fares already below £2. Additionally, day return ticket prices have been reduced, making public transport a more attractive option for commuters. The promotion covers most standard bus services, including those run by various bus companies in Wiltshire, such as:

  • Beeline Coaches
  • Coachstyle
  • Damory Coaches
  • Faresaver
  • Discover (First)
  • Fromebus
  • Libra Travel
  • More
  • Stagecoach
  • Salisbury Reds
  • SouthWest Coaches
  • Swindon’s Bus Company

You can find the latest bus timetables and plan your journey here.

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