The Stallards Inn Reopen Their Doors With New Owners

The Stallards have reopened their doors to the public, marking the introduction of the new management team.

Sam and Ruby, the couple revitalising Stallards, welcomed guests for the first time last Saturday. Expressing gratitude, they said, “We’re immensely thankful to everyone who attended our reopening – your support is invaluable! A big shoutout to our fantastic family and friends for their unwavering support – this is just the beginning of an exciting journey!”

Embarking on this thrilling venture together, their aim is clear: to establish a welcoming hub where the Trowbridge community can gather and feel at home. While some may have questioned their decision to take on a pub, Sam and Ruby have poured their hearts into making Stallards a place they are genuinely proud of.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, be sure to drop by soon and witness the remarkable transformation.

Stallards can be found here: 15-16 Stallard Street, Trowbridge, United Kingdom

+44 1225 400465


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