Sustainable Green Space Strategy for Trowbridge

A Sustainable Green Space Strategy for Trowbridge 2023–2028 was approved by the Neighbourhoods Committee at their meeting on the 25th of July 2023. This strategy has been developed with a focus on the needs and aspirations of Trowbridge, its existing greenspaces, and the service delegation from Wiltshire Council. It also forms part of the town’s response to the climate emergency, which was declared in 2019.

There are a range of issues to be considered as part of the Greener Trowbridge Strategy, including the different types of open spaces such as parks, woodlands, and play areas; community engagement; staff development; making Trowbridge a more attractive town for residents, businesses, and visitors to enjoy; and climate and bio-emergency targets.

Along with the greener strategy, the Bin policy was also approved by the committee. The aims and objectives of the Bin policy are firstly, the provision of an efficient street cleansing service, supported by the appropriate use of litter bins and other preventative tools, to deliver a clean environment, and secondly, to ensure that the provision of street litter bins is fair and necessary and meets a recognised need.

These two new policies will be available on our website soon.

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