Statement From Trowbridge Town Council’s Doric Park Working Group

Trowbridge Town Council has regretfully decided not to proceed with the project to build an all-weather pitch and club house with teaching rooms at Doric Park, next to the Trowbridge Town Rugby Club’s ground.

Councillor Mel Jacob, Chair Of the Council’s Doric Park Working Group, said:

We are very disappointed that local teams will not have the benefit of the pitch and club house that we hoped to build. However, the effort to provide those facilities goes on. We will now talk to all potential partners around the town to see if there are alternative options to deliver what the teams need. Unfortunately, the capital costs of the planned project rose from around £4.8m in May 2022 to more than £6.6m in December 2023 and this was simply too high to justify. This was largely due to steep rises in inflation during the period of around a year from mid-2022 to mid-2023 while we were waiting for the government to approve the initial loan. Once the costs rose, we would have needed to take out a higher loan and over the 50 years of its repayment, this would have created a risk of incurring losses that taxpayers would have needed to fund.  We have always said that we would be prudent with public money and that commitment unfortunately demands that we now look for other opportunities. We will now be discussing options for the future use of the land that the town council owns next to Doric Park for the provision of sports pitches and associated facilities with; Trowbridge Rugby Football Club, Wiltshire Council and neighbouring land owners and their agents.

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