Trowbridge Basketball Club

Club membership is available for both senior and junior members! Your Membership covers your BE licence and access to benefits including gym discount, discounted basketball equipment from direct sports and Club Merchandise.

Trowbridge Westbourne Sports Club

Trowbridge Westbourne Tennis Club is an LTA registered venue and is a great place to play tennis, whatever your ability. They are a fully inclusive club and can offer something […]

Trowbridge Rugby Club

Why not pop up to Trowbridge Rugby Club and see their multi-purpose facility? They have four rugby pitches, one with floodlights, and a kids’ play area.

Trowbridge Park Bowls Club

Trowbridge Town Bowls Club is a club where you can go along to try Bowls and to meet new friends and to have fun! They offer a few lessons and […]

Trowbridge Cricket Club

Trowbridge Cricket Club Ground is the main home ground of Trowbridge and Wiltshire County Cricket Club. The ground is made up of two full size cricket pitches, two huts used […]

John Of Gaunt 3G Pitch

The 3G pitch at John of Gaunt was built in 1998, and consists of one full size football pitch and two 5-a-side pitches with goals. There are also four full-size […]

Trowbridge Sports Centre

Trowbridge - Swimming - Children - Instructor

The Sports Centre in Trowbridge has a range of sports including swimming, basketball, football, badminton and much more. There is also a diving school along with fun swim sessions for […]

Trowbridge Park


The beautiful, well-kept park, originally known as the People’s Park at its opening in the late 19th century, is truly the focal point of Trowbridge. With its open, grassy spaces, […]

Trowbridge Skate Park


OMP famously sang “Heaven Is A Halfpipe” and Trowbridge Skatepark certainly has one of those making it a heaven on earth for all budding skaters. This concrete land of dreams is […]

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