‘Save The Carnival’ Meeting Scheduled This Week

The Trowbridge Carnival organizers are feeling more optimistic about establishing a new committee after receiving a positive response to their recent appeal. Committee member Andy Baker mentioned that they have had a favorable reply to their ‘Save the Carnival’ plea for new volunteers to come forward and offer assistance. They have received offers from volunteers and individuals interested in joining the committee. Additionally, an offer to develop a website to streamline event entries has been received. Collaboration with other carnivals has also been initiated, with offers of assistance extended to them as well.
A crucial ‘Save the Carnival’ meeting is scheduled for 7 pm on Wednesday (February 21) at the Wesley Road Social Club to determine the future course of action. Mr. Baker emphasized the importance of attendance at the meeting and expressed hope that they will be able to recruit enough individuals to join the committee. Once this objective is achieved, details on the future of the Trowbridge Carnival will be disclosed.
The fate of the 120-year-old Trowbridge Carnival hangs in the balance following the recent appeal for more volunteers. The current six-member committee urgently requires an additional ten volunteers to assist in organizing the carnival. This appeal was prompted by the decision of Trowbridge Carnival Committee chair Maryrose Mantle to step down at the annual general meeting on January 10th 2024.
In an open letter addressed to the Trowbridge community, Mr. Baker stressed the critical juncture the carnival faces and appealed for community involvement to ensure its continuity. He highlighted the essential need for volunteers with various skills and a passion for community events to step forward and contribute. Without increased support, the future of Trowbridge Carnival remains uncertain.
Individuals interested in assisting with organizing or volunteering as committee members are encouraged to attend the meeting on February 21.

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