Safer Nights Charter

At the recent Neighbourhood Committee meeting (25th July 2023), the Committee resolved to make a recommendation to the Policy and Resources Committee on the 5th September that The Council should sign the Safer Nights Charter. By signing up to the charter, the Council is agreeing to fulfil these pledges: 

Responsibility: The safety of people in the night-time economy is everyone’s responsibility. Together, they are changing their culture to call out behaviours which are disrespectful and cause harm. 

Champion: They will appoint a ‘Champion’ for night safety who can give other staff advice and support. They will communicate with their local Neighbourhood Policing Team to network and share best practice. 

Report and Respond: They will create policies, train their staff, actively use initiatives such as Ask for Angela and other tools provided. 

Support: Create an environment where both your staff and the public feel comfortable and confident to report incidents. 

Environment: They will conduct a review of their spaces and ensure that they are designed to promote a safer environment and reduce crime. Ensure their CCTV is working properly, complete access audits of their buildings and ensure staff and security are positioned equally throughout their spaces. 

Further information on the Safer Nights Charter can be viewed here 


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