Proposed Traffic Regulation Regulation Order for Consultation – Trowbridge Consolidation Order

Wiltshire Council plans to implement the County of Wiltshire (Trowbridge) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting, Prohibition of Stopping Taxi Rank Clearways, and On-Street Parking) Consolidation Order 2023 (Amendment No. 1) Order 2024, aiming to modify the existing restrictions in the Trowbridge Consolidation Order 2023:

  • Introduce No waiting and no loading at any time on both sides of Manvers Street, Fore Street, and Wicker Hill, from approximately 33 meters north of their junction with Manvers Street and Fore Street to the Hill Street junction, including Wicker Hill South up to No. 1 Wicker Hill.
  • Implement parking regulations on Fore Street’s south side and Wicker Hill’s south side on Mon-Sat from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., allowing 1-hour parking with no return within the hour.
  • Introduce loading for 30 minutes only with no return within 1 hour on the southern side of Fore Street, from the pedestrian doorway of No. 3 Fore Street to the pedestrian doorway of No. 7 Wicker Hill.

The order’s purpose is to enhance road safety and prevent potential hazards to road users. Wiltshire Council aims to enhance pedestrian access and road safety by securing substantial funding for improvement projects on Manvers Street and Wicker Hill, with the proposed parking restrictions forming a part of these enhancements.


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