Street Cleaning

and furniture

We take pride in our responsibilities and understand the importance of maintaining a clean town for our residents and visitors. This includes cleaning streets, parks, and public spaces, as well as properly disposing of waste and dead animals.

We go the extra mile, take initiative, and strive to exceed the expectations of our community. This leads to a cleaner and more attractive town for everyone to enjoy.

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Public bins

We are responsible for 284 public bins across the town this includes regularly emptying and repairing and replacing. If you wish to request to add a bin somewhere, see our bin policy here.

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Bus shelters

The responsibility of maintaining and cleaning bus shelters is with us.


Any benches around the town fall within our responsibility. This includes maintenance and replacement. If you wish for a bench to commemorate an occasion or a person, please let us know.

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Road sweeping

You have probably seen the road sweeper ‘The Doctor’ around town, it is out and about every day. The team sweep the town centre daily followed by sweeping of wards on a schedule.

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Speed indicator device

We own a speed indicator device. This can be placed around the town. If you wish to have it placed in an area, please get in contact with your Councillor. Information collected from the indicator is used for introducing new speed limits. Local parishes can book the indicator from us. Please get in contact if you are a local parish and wish to hire it from us.

Cleaning up dead animals

We are responsible for the clean-up of dead animals around the town.

Report an issue

Use this form to report an issue, please complete your details and attach a photo if required.

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