Allotments are a great way to grow fruit and vegetables or enjoy planting flowers and enjoying some time outside. They improve mental well-being, and healthy activity and give a sense of achievement whilst in contact with nature growing fresh, local and seasonal produce.  

We have a number of allotments for leasing. These are renewed every year. To register your interest for an allotment, please complete the form below.

Our list currently has just over 100 people on it; however, please do put your name down if you wish to have an allotment. We have plenty of sites that break down to a total of 98 allotments, which are a mixture of full and half-sized plots. These are located in:


Home Close Farm

Mornington Gardens


Gloucester Road (This site is leased from us to an association)

Register your interest

Use this form to register your interest for an allotment. Complete your details using the form below.

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