New Toilets Planned for Trowbridge Park

Trowbridge Town Council has submitted a planning application for a new toilet block in the town park. The council hopes that permission will be granted and the toilets will be in use this summer. 

The proposed site of the new toilet block is next to the kiosk in the avenue of trees alongside the fence next to the crazy golf course, with access from the existing pathway. Click here to see the plans.

This new toilet block will have a fully welded steel shell and be clad in weathered timber with a ‘live’ sedum roof—a green roof with shallow-rooted vegetation that absorbs carbon and provides a habitat for birds and insects.

The facility will have three stalls, one of which will have disabled access, baby changing facilities, and a cleaner’s store. It will feature anti-vandal stainless steel solid surfaces.

The expected cost is around £90,000 for the block, plus around £35,000 in planning and groundwork costs.

The Mayor of Trowbridge said, “The park has been without toilet facilities for around five years, and I am very pleased that the Park Working Group has found a solution that is high-quality and affordable.”

The unit’s doors will incorporate a card payment system that can be used only if the council so decides. The Mayor of Trowbridge said that the initial plan is for free access, with the payment system as a backup in case it becomes necessary to restrict access at times. 

Mains water and power are available from existing connections serving the nearby kiosk, but a foul water pipe needs to be laid to a connection next to Castle Place.

The planned toilets are one element in a series of planned improvements being led by the Park Working Group. These also include a restored bandstand, a wetland and wildfowl area, new and better play equipment, and a new crazy golf course. 

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