Merge of Armed Forces Day with Uniform Services Day

The decision to merge Armed Forces Day with Uniform Services Day on September 14th represents an exciting change in our event planning. After collaboration with the Royal British Legion, it was determined to host a larger and more engaging event. This presents a fantastic opportunity for various uniform services to unite and connect with the community meaningfully. The day is anticipated to feature interactive activities, informative exhibits, and enjoyable experiences for families. We are eager to highlight the commitment and efforts of organisations such as the Army, Police, Fire Service, St John Ambulance, RNLI, RSPCA, and local Air and Sea Cadet groups. Building on the success of past events, we are dedicated to making Uniform Services Day 2024 even more exceptional, fostering community support and appreciation for these essential services. Additionally, the RBL will host D-Day commemorations on June 6th, marking the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. Stay tuned for more details to follow.

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