Men’s Wellbeing Through Nature with Wildlife Trust

Embark on a journey with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Men’s Wellbeing through Nature Program, a free 12-week journey designed to elevate both your mental and physical health. As an initiative of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, this program stands as a beacon of hope and revitalisation for men.

Offering an escape into tranquility every Monday from 11am to 2:30pm, a convenient minibus service awaits at Trowbridge Train Station at 10:30am to whisk participants away where the hustle of life melds into nature. The program starts on 24th June 2024 and is tailored for men aged 20-59 who call Wiltshire home. This program is a sanctuary for those seeking solace and strength in the embrace of the great outdoors.

The essence of the program lies in its holistic approach to wellbeing, championing six fundamental ways to foster a healthier mind and body. From the invigorating embrace of nature walks and the nurturing tasks of meadow clearance to the communal joy of wildlife conservation, each activity is a step towards rediscovering oneself and forging meaningful connections. Coupled with opportunities to master new skills, from wildlife identification to traditional crafts and the gentle practice of mindfulness, this program offers a comprehensive suite of activities aimed at rejuvenating the spirit.

Participants are welcomed into a warm community where free hot drinks and snacks complement the enriching experiences, all set against the backdrop of Trowbridge’s natural beauty.

The leaflet and full information can be found here.

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