11 June 2023

Wow! This last week has flown by incredibly quickly, but it has been incredibly busy!

I arrived back in Trowbridge from the wilds of Lancashire on Tuesday and was immediately greeted by an invitation from the Burgermeister of Leer to join him when his town celebrates the bicentenary anniversary of their City Charter. It’ll only be a very quick two-night trip, but one that’s so worthwhile in maintaining our civic relationship with one of our twinned partner towns.

I’m also incredibly happy to be able to now announce the second of my Mayoral Charities for this year.

Trowbridge Future does sterling work in our most deprived communities, and their resources are unfortunately becoming increasingly stretched as they try to deliver to the residents in these areas in the face of both sweeping cuts by Wiltshire Council and a cruelly biting cost of living crisis. The charity provides sustainable assistance in the Longfield, Seymour, and Studley Green neighbourhoods of the town, aimed at helping young people growing up in these areas reach their full potential. They also work across all ages in the same communities by helping residents identify the issues they face and then come together as a community to address them. I honestly believe that such a committed local charity is (sadly) increasingly necessary and overwhelmingly deserving of our help.

Together with Stepping Stones (my other nominated charity), Trowbridge Future makes a real difference in real lives in our community. Please do support them; they really do change local lives for the better. If you feel you are able to help, you can donate here.

Then came Saturday. Every week since I became Mayor has had one standout day. Saturday 10th June was without doubt last week’s. There was so much going on in the town… from the Weavers Market in the town centre to the Midsummer Festival in the Town Park. It was a very busy day, which started for me at 07:00, when I made my way into town to help set up for the Weavers Market, and ended at 21:00, when my wife and I left the Town Park having spent the evening listening to fine music and sampling the wares on offer at the (oh, so many!) food and refreshment stalls.

The whole town was buzzing all day with crowds hunting for artisan bargains at the Weavers Market in Fore Street, the Town Hall, and Emmanuel’s Yard, sampling strawberries and Pimms at Parade House, and, in what seemed like (and probably was) their thousands, enjoying the festival in the park. The atmosphere down in the park on Saturday afternoon was wonderful, and this continued well into the evening. The Midsummer Festival was a collaboration between Trowbridge Town Hall Trust and Trowbridge Town Council, and I had the privilege of saying a few words when it formally opened at 14:00, and it was already really crowded then! The afternoon was focused more on younger residents, with entertainment, rides, and activities aimed at families with children being very well attended. The evening was more for the “grownups,” with music to satisfy a wide range of tastes, food stalls as far as the eye could see, and a fine selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer.

It was a beautiful day—one of those days that the town will long remember. But this was only made possible by the efforts of the Town Hall and Town Council, whose staff, officers, and volunteers all worked incredibly hard to make the day the success it was. We really do owe them all a massive “thank you”.

If you want to find out about what’s happening in the town in the months to come, just visit our What’s on Section on our website –  trust me… there’s a lot more to come!

If you have an event that you’re organising in the town , please let us know by adding it to our calendar. Click here to submit your event.

That’s it for now, so until next time, keep safe, and please be kind to each other.

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