28 May 2023

Well, I’m coming to the end of my second week as Mayor of Trowbridge and I can honestly say that it’s been at times manic, always enlightening, on occasions beautifully affirmative, usually great fun and never but never a source of regret for me!

In the last ten days, both Denise Bates (as Deputy Mayor) and I have visited nearby towns to represent Trowbridge and witness their new Mayors take office. I’ve attended the Trowbridge Town Bowls Club centenary celebrations and taken part in a Councillor vs. Bowls Club members match (we lost no great surprise there). I’ve started working with our Information Team and St James’ Church to plan this year’s Civic Service (Sunday 23rd July save the date!). I’ve attended an Events Planning meeting and can honestly say that there is A LOT going on in Trowbridge in 2023! I met some wonderful candidates for the new “Mayor’s Cadet” and the final selection will be announced very soon. Again with our Information Team, I’ve started planning next year’s Civic Dinner (it’ll be good).

But probably the highlight of the last few days was a visit to one of my nominated “Mayor’s Charities” for this coming year. I chose Stepping Stones because I wanted to try and help a cause that was having a meaningful and direct impact on the residents of our town. It was one of those afternoons where time just flew by I went down there with our Information Services Manager for my “meet and greet” and we had sort of allocated 30-60 minutes for the visit. Well, an hour and a half later we walked away feeling very emotional. It was a truly inspirational experience. The dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers who devote so much time, effort and yes love to helping preschool children with some very complex needs was just wonderful and life-affirming. I am so glad I picked them they truly deserve all the help and recognition they can get.

Tomorrow, on Saturday 27th May, I’m attending the opening of the “Queen Elizabeth II Green Canopy” at the Down Cemetery. I’m really looking forward to this as both my wife and I love walking in The Down and we are both full of respect and gratitude for the work that the Friends of the Down Cemetery put into maintaining that wonderful space all year round.

Next week I hope to be able to announce my second “Mayor’s Charity” for the forthcoming year and I know that it too is a very relevant and engaged local cause so watch this space!


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