Location of Bus Stop on Castle Street

Is the new bus stop/shelter on Castle Street between Court Street and Cradle Bridge causing traffic congestion and confusion for drivers in the area?

At the recent Annual Town Meeting, a member of the public asked, “When buses stop, it leaves the road very narrow and prevents cars from passing.”

Wiltshire Council is the Highway Authority and has responded as follows:

The bus stop has been in place since the development of St. Stephen’s Place. Although a shelter was recently added by Wiltshire Council as part of the Castle Street works, the stop’s position on the carriageway remains unchanged. The new markings and shelter now make it more noticeable than before.

According to the latest government guidelines in LTN1/24 ‘Bus User Priority’, it is recommended not to have bus laybys in urban areas with speed limits below 40mph. This prioritises buses, easing the challenges of merging back into traffic and preventing parking at the stop. Kerbside stops, like the one on Castle Street, are preferred in such areas.

At this location, the crossing point is on the island in front of the bus, discouraging vehicles from passing the stopped bus and enhancing pedestrian safety.



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