Innox Mills Site Gains Planning Permission

Wiltshire Council has given the green light to Innox Mills’ development, featuring a blend of residential and commercial spaces.

In addition to the new housing and commercial spaces, the developers have also committed to improving the surrounding infrastructure. This includes upgrading the local transport links and providing green spaces for residents to enjoy. The development will also incorporate sustainable design features, such as energy-efficient buildings, helping to reduce its impact on the environment.

Town Council Leader, Stewart Palmen commented ‘“I am really pleased that the Innox Mills planning application has been passed by Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Planning Committee. I believe this is a key milestone in the redevelopment of Trowbridge as the County Town of Wiltshire! The plans will help alleviate the housing crisis without destroying green fields and provide new life for the old mill buildings! People arriving in Trowbridge will finally not be greeted with a Derelict site but instead, see a site more reflective of the town’s renewed optimism!”

The Innox Mills’ development has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the local community, and the developers have engaged with residents throughout the planning process to ensure their views have been taken into account. As a result, the development has received strong support from local residents and community groups.

Overall, the Innox Mills’ development represents an exciting opportunity for the area, providing new housing and commercial spaces, as well as creating a vibrant and sustainable community. It is hoped that the development will act as a catalyst for further investment in the area, bringing long-term benefits to residents and businesses alike.

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