Retold Reimagined

Trowbridge Museum The Shires, Trowbridge

Trowbridge history is retold by local Primary Schools and clubs and our collection is reimagined by Wiltshire College Students. This will run from Saturday 13th May until Saturday 30th September […]

Paulo’s Circus

Greenhill Fields Trowbridge

As the poet said ''If music is the food of love - play on!" With music at the heart of everything we Paulo's do – from building the big top […]


Superfriends with Beetlehead + Support

The Pump The Lamb Inn, 127 Mortimer Street, Trowbridge

Jangle’s happy, sad bedroom-punk music, with a lot of references to The Simpsons. Superfriends is a toilet circuit punk pop dream come true!! Find out more in this interview for Surface Noise. They […]

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