Westbury White Horse


This chalk carving can be found on a northwest-facing slope of Bratton Camp. One of no fewer than thirteen to be found in the county, this can be seen from the Trowbridge area, and is about 20 minutes’ drive away from the town, at the very edge of Salisbury Plain. Learn more about the horse’s history here.

There’s a lot of history around Bratton Camp itself. An Iron Age hill fort, with a distinctive long barrow (ancient burial mound), a large stone memorial commemorates the Battle of Ethandune (now the nearby village of Edington), at which King Alfred defeated an invading Viking army in AD878. This is also on the perimeter of firing ranges regularly used by the Ministry of Defence, so please keep a lookout for the red warning flags.

It’s a great part of Wiltshire for walking and wandering, affording wonderful views toward villages such as Steeple Ashton, with its magnificent Norman church, and the more northerly parts of the county, and also toward Bath and East Somerset. On a clear day from the slopes over the village of Bratton itself, it’s possible to see two other white horses at Cherhill and Hackpen Hill, on the Ridgeway above Broad Hinton.




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