Southwick Country Park


Just a short drive from Trowbridge, Southwick Country Park provides a fun day out for everyone.  The little ones can use their imagination as they explore the many off-the-beaten-track paths, while adults can take in the views and wide-open spaces whilst enjoying the peace and quiet.

Stick to the pathways or venture off the beaten track – the graveled pathways take you on a journey as you stroll over the bridge, through the small woodland areas and around the park. The pathway is ideal for pushchairs and wheelchair users, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy this beautiful space. With a picnic area and benches situated around the park, there are plenty of areas to relax in.

Pooches are welcome here and there is more than enough space for them to roam, with ponds and small brooks in which they can cool down in on a warm day.

Fitness enthusiasts, there’s something for you too! The park is ideal for jogging or running, and every Saturday at 9am there is a 5K park run. It’s free and everyone is welcome to
join . . . find out more here.

For those interested in the natural environment, Southwick Country Park consists of 150 acres of old farmland which is quickly becoming a home to a number of species, thanks to its biodiversity. Walking around the park, there are also a number of interesting sculptures waiting to be discovered. There is free parking and free entry into the park, so if you are looking for an activity that truly costs you nothing then look no further.

We hope you enjoy your visit!




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