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Trowbridge has forged strong friendships through town twinning

Trowbridge is twinned with four towns. Oujda in Morocco, Leer in Germany, Charenton-le-pont in France and Elblag in Poland.

The purpose of twinning is the coming together of two communities to build friendship and understanding between different cultures.

If you wish to join a twinning group, joining details can be found below.

Oujda Morrocco

Trowbridge is proudly the first English town to have twinned with an Arab Muslim country back in 2006. A large population of Trowbridge Moroccan population are originally from Oujda.

Oujda is the largest city in eastern Morocco, with a modern façade that belies its millennium, – old age. It is filled with a rich heritage, and tourism development along the nearby Mediterranean coast and Oujda University it remains a mainstay of the economy and the city’s intellectual life.

If you wish to join the Morocco twinning committee, please contact

Why not visit our twinned town!

Oujda is a vibrant city in eastern Morocco, near the Algerian border and the Mediterranean coast. It offers a rich cultural heritage, with influences from Arab, Berber, Andalusian, and French civilizations. You can explore the old medina, with its colourful souks, mosques, and palaces, or visit the Lalla Meryem Park, a green oasis with a lake and a zoo. Oujda is also a gateway to the Oriental region, where you can discover the natural beauty of the Zegzel Gorge, the Beni Snassen Mountains and the Oujda Angad Oasis.

Charenton Le Pont, France

Trowbridge twinned with Charenton le Pont in 1996.

The French twinning committee are active in supporting a program of events and supporting the council in maintaining the twinning relationship.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the French Twinning group or want to find out more email

Click here for the latest Trowbridge French Twinning | Trowbridge is proudly twinned with Charenton-le-Pont, France

Charenton-le-Pont is part of Greater Paris and has not compromised its distinctive individual character. Ranked as one of the very best places to live in the Paris Region, the locals are proud of their history, successful in reconciling the needs of people with today’s urban environment.

Sur Le Pont News from Trowbridge French Twinning Association March 2024

Trowbridge French Twinning Association AGM Minutes 25th January 2024 

Stadt Leer, Germany

Our longest twinning relationship dates back to 1989.

The Leer twinning committee supports the relationship between the towns and host regular events. They also organise visits to Leer. This usually takes place during October at the Galimaret.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Leer twinning group, contact

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Why not visit our twin town! Stadt Leer is a real gem with its picturesque old town, small shops, cozy tea rooms, museums and restaurants. The city’s past was an important reading and port city and this can be felt everywhere you go.

Visit their tourist website by clicking here. City Leer in East Frisia – Tourism – Old Town – Leisure Harbour (

Elblag, Poland

Trowbridge twinned with Elblag as part of West Wiltshire district twinning in 2000.

The Polish twinning committee are active supporting a program of events and supporting the council in maintaining the twinning relationship.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the twinning group, contact

Elblag is a medium sized port city inhabited by some 126,000 people. Since the end of the World War II the city has grown into a prosperous industrial, academic and cultural centre, drawing visitors from all over the world. Elblag is also a historical site with numerous tourist attractions. Here you will find characteristic medieval red-brick tenement houses and churches, including the St. Nicolas Cathedral located in the Old Town district.

Visit their tourist website by clicking here. Tourism in Elblag

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