Councillor Stephen Cooper Re-elected as Trowbridge Mayor

Councillor Stephen Cooper was re-elected as the Mayor of Trowbridge for 2024-2025 at a meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday 21st May. Cllr Stewart Palmen was elected as Deputy Mayor. Rose Church will continue for another year as the Mayoral Cadet. Trowbridge Town Council extends warm wishes to all of them for the best of luck in their new roles.

Each Mayoral year, the Mayor of Trowbridge will choose a charity or charities to help raise funds and awareness.

Councillor Stephen Cooper, the Mayor of Trowbridge, has chosen to continue another year with his chosen charities:

Stepping Stones: They are an independent charity that supports children from birth to age four who have special needs. They recognise and support each child’s potential. Their primary goal is to provide timely therapy and assistance to children who have delayed development. Their dedicated, qualified, and experienced team encourages children to learn and develop through play. Some of the children who attend Stepping Stones may already have a diagnosed condition, but all of the children supported by Stepping Stones have developmental delays and have challenges gaining abilities that other children take for granted.


Trowbridge Future: They pride themselves on being at the centre of the community, supporting not only Trowbridge’s youth but also its residents. Their youth programmes in Trowbridge provide sustainable, frequent, and holistic activities that encourage the town’s young people to reach their maximum potential both personally and socially. This is promoted through informal learning and participation in empowering and constructive activities in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

They also assist Trowbridge’s vulnerable population by providing safe spaces such as the establishment of Kindness Cafés, three community fridges, and drop-in sessions where they encourage connection building and peer support to facilitate ongoing positive journeys of growth.

If you would like to donate online, please do so here.

If you are interested in becoming a mayoral charity for the term of office, please contact the information team at

Thank you for taking the time to donate to the charities and for your continued support and dedication to making our town a better place for all.


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