Could You Help Trowbridge Talking News?

Trowbridge Talking News provides free news services for the visually impaired community in Trowbridge and nearby areas. Through the commitment of volunteers, Trowbridge Talking News delivers audio recordings of local news, empowering individuals and creating an inclusive and informed society, ensuring everyone has the chance to stay connected and engaged.

They are currently seeking a web administrator on a voluntary basis to support the ongoing provision of this service. The role won’t take up much of your time, but you will be making a big difference.


TTN Web Administrator Responsibilities

• Liaison with website provider including payment of annual subscription, subsequently being reimbursed by TTN

• If requested, evaluates alternative website providers

• Access to and monitoring of the operation and effectiveness of all aspects of the website on a regular basis

• Verifying all updates to the website from MS or any other source, actioning any updates not done by website provider

• Addition of any documents to the website when requested e.g Operational Rota or AGM announcement

• Removal of any documents from the website when no longer relevant

• Actions all access by TTN volunteers to the restricted part of the website

• Regular monitoring of operation of laptop used by Readers including microphone, mouse etc.

• Regular monitoring of operation of all software used on laptop including dedicated KARDS programme

• Actions regular updates to all software on laptop and carries out regular “defragging” or similar processes

• Actions renewal of annual subscription for anti virus package for laptop, currently Norton, paying annual subscription and subsequently being reimbursed by TTN

• If requested, provides telephone support for Readers regarding operation of laptop hardware and software

• Carries out regular review of operation of Duplicator used to produce “slave” USBs which are despatched to clients

• If requested, evaluates any proposals for additional, updated or replacement hardware or software

• Attends three Management Committee meetings each year and AGM

• Attends operational meeting with Readers if requested, no more than two per year


If you feel you might be able to help, or want some more information you can contact Trowbridge Talking News here.

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