Biss Meadows Country Park to Undergo Wetland Scraping

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are creating two wetland scrapes in Biss Meadows Country
Park, under the A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) umbrella with funding from the
Environment Agency’s Water Environment Improvement Fund

The wetland scrapes will provide a number of benefits to the area:

  • Trap runoff from the surrounding environment, preventing soil and nutrients
    entering the River Biss.
  • Store water during high rainfall and water flows, reducing flood risk and pressure
    on flood defences downstream of Biss Meadows.
  • Create new habitat for wildlife, supporting the existing species and increasing
    biodiversity in the area.

The project is due to start on the 13th November and will last for approximately 4
days. Please be aware of the signage and machinery on site during this time.
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by the works
Contact for more information.

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