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Beat the Street – The Halfway Mark

Beat the Street is an activity that promotes outdoor physical activity for people of all ages. It encourages participants to get active and spend time in nature, which is beneficial for their physical and mental health. The game is open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of age.

The introduction of Beat the Street to Trowbridge was met with great enthusiasm. The organizers understand the importance of moving more and spending time in green spaces for overall wellbeing. Beat the Street offers a fun and interactive way for people to achieve these health benefits.

Participants can join a team from their school or community, or they can create their own team. To earn points, players have to move between Beat boxes, which are located half a mile apart. They can walk, cycle, or use any other form of transport to reach these boxes. By traveling greater distances, players can accumulate more points.

Trowbridge now has 5,994 players who have achieved 50,125 miles. With half-term approaching, now is the time to join the game and increase your miles.

On top of the leaderboard are:

Schools: Walwayne Court Primary School, The Mead Primary School, and Bellefield Primary School

Community: Avon Valley Running Club, Home Educators, and Tribe PT

Charities:, Stepping Stones, and Trowbridge Future.

For further details and information about Beat the Street, interested individuals can visit the website HERE.

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