Beat The Street Celebration Evening

Hey Trowbridge,

you guys ROCKED Beat The Street! We’re throwing a party in your honor for being absolute superstars! Out of 6,415 players, you covered a whopping 78,497 miles! That’s like circling the earth THREE times! A mind-boggling 82% of you signed up and are now eligible to take part in our cool survey. Plus, we’re thrilled to see 45% of players were groovy kiddos (ages 0-17). Here’s another fun fact: 1,143 of you adults were previously inactive (less than 30 minutes a week) before joining the game! Awesome job on kickstarting a healthier lifestyle! We had a blast with the 74 teams who played, including 18 schools and 38 community teams or businesses. So, let’s get together for an evening of partying and high-fives!

Join us for an evening of celebration!

Tuesday 5th December 6.30pm – 8pm at The Civic Centre Trowbridge

Leader board prizes, Certificate and Award presentations.

Please RSVP Here: Beat The Street Celebration Evening, (



RSVP BY 30th November 2023

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