25 September 2023


Oh wow, that was a week that’ll live long in my memory, for some very good reasons and some not so positive! I’m going to depart from my normal blog […]

16 September 2023


This week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But the one thing that stands out for me is that, however devastating a tragedy may be, there will always […]

9 September 2023


I think we can all agree that this last week has certainly been one thing: hot! Sunday saw me attend the Trowbridge and Westbury Lions, “White Horse Classic and Veteran […]

26 August 2023


Once again, this last week has been a week of two halves. The first half was totally taken up with Town Council business—nothing at all for the Mayor to do—and […]

2 September 2023


Once again, last week my “Mayoral duties” were concentrated in the second half of the week. The first half of the week is being taken up with catching up on […]

Trowbridge Carnival Update – Road Closure


See below the information taken from the road closure for the 21st of October 2023:   Temporary Road Closure Order Town Police Clauses Act 1847 IN ACCORDANCE with Section 21 […]

19 August 2023


I know the week technically starts on Sunday, but as I included the Play Street held on Croft Street in last week’s blog, I’m starting this week’s as of last […]

13 August 2023


My weeks as mayor seem to alternate: one is very busy, the next not so much. Last week was probably the quietest week I’ve had since I was elected mayor […]

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