Opportunity to Tender

We are looking for a contractor to provide professional grave-digging services to our cemetery in Trowbridge. We are looking for a competent contractor to support our new Cemetery Officers in […]

17 February 2024

Well, that must go down as probably the most surreal week of my term as Mayor yet! My calendar over last week was the fullest it’s been so far this […]

11 February 2024


Once again, there was only one formal engagement for me as Mayor last week. That was a press and community engagement to publicly unveil Trowbridge’s 2024 “Fairtrade Community” reaccreditation certificate. […]

FairTrade February 2024

It is with huge pride and joy that the Trowbridge Fairtrade Group are pleased to announce that Trowbridge has been awarded their renewal of Fairtrade Town / Community status. It […]

Understanding the Precept Increase

At the January full council meeting, a 22.85% increase in the Town Council share of the Council Tax was approved for the 2024/25 financial year. Here’s a breakdown of what […]

3 February 2024


Well, this week was busier than last week, but still not busy busy! The first half of the week was still spent recovering from “winter lurgy,” but by Wednesday I […]

27 January 2024


Well, what a miserable week that was! Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st, the “winter bug” that my wife and I had originally come down with between Christmas and […]

Update From The Neighbourhood Team

The past month has been a whirlwind for the Neighbourhoods team. In addition to their daily tasks, they have been hard at work addressing the daily reports that come in. […]

Sea Cadets – Can you Help and Volunteer?

Trowbridge Sea Cadets need volunteers to support their unit management team. By taking on this role, you can help raise funds and secure a permanent base for the cadet unit, […]

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