Approval of Key Neighbourhood Plans by Trowbridge Town Council

Trowbridge Town Council has granted approval for the Steering Group Terms of Reference relating to the North Bradley, Drynham Lane, and Ashton Park West Neighbourhood Plan. This milestone approval demonstrates dedication to strategic community planning and sustainable growth. 

During the latest Policy and Resources meeting, the terms of reference were reviewed and supported. These guidelines will assist the Steering Group in ensuring that the Neighbourhood Plan mirrors the desires, necessities, and priorities of residents. The plan emphasises the creation of a lively, secure, and inclusive community while encouraging conscientious development that honours the town’s distinct character and history. 

Additionally, the council has also endorsed a Statement of Intent concerning Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) usage. This statement outlines the strategy for using funds to support infrastructure projects that will benefit the entire community. Investments will be directed towards enhancing public areas, upgrading local facilities, and maintaining Trowbridge as a great place to reside, work, and explore. “I am sure this joint initiative will be beneficial to both councils and offer greater protection for our communities. Importantly, it will allow the community living within the plan area to help shape their home environment for the period up to 2037,” said Councillor Roger Evans, North Bradley Parish Councillor. 

Trowbridge Town Council is dedicated to transparency and community engagement throughout the planning process. As we progress, the council urges all residents to participate in upcoming public consultations and community gatherings. 

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