Annual Christmas Card Competition in Trowbridge

The Mayor of Trowbridge holds an annual Christmas card competition every year to support chosen charities, Stepping Stones and Trowbridge Future. This year, the competition received a number of submissions from children in Trowbridge. The Mayor chose a winner, ten-year-old Daisy Goldsworthy, who won the competition. The Mayor was impressed with Daisy’s creativity, artistic flair, and sense of humor, which combined a beautiful take on the town and its landmarks. Daisy’s step-mum Jennifer was ecstatic after hearing the news and they will have the opportunity to meet the Mayor at the Information Centre and have her picture taken with her winning Christmas card. The Mayor will sign and send the card to various community leaders and organizations, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Additionally, the card will go on sale to the general public in the Civic Centre’s Information Centre.

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