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Town Crier

Town Crier 0
After a gap of more than 50 years, in 1986 Trowbridge Town Council appointed Trevor Heeks to the honorary role of Town Crier. Since then, the town has gained enormous publicity wherever Trevor has visited.
    Trevor's successes in local, national and international town crier competitions are most impressive: World champion in 1989-90; European champion in 1992 and 1994 and more than 50 titles won in England and Wales, including British Open 2000.
    Trevor has competed throughout Europe, the US, Canada and Australia and is regularly supported by his wife Lillian. He adds excitement, colour and good cheer to all the functions and events he attends on the town's behalf.
    He is truly a colourful character and he is without question our town's best ambassador. Trevor's services to the Town and the people of Trowbridge were recognised in 2005 when the Town Council awarded him with the Civic Award.
    Another accolade was bestowed on Trevor at the 2016 Civic Dinner when he received a splendid engraved goblet to mark his 30 years as Trowbridge Town Crier.