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Community Stewards

Community Stewards work in and around the town carrying out essential day-to-day tasks, by clearing drains, detritus, cutting and clearing footpaths, carrying out small pothole repairs and similar work. When the weather turns against us, whether heavy winds or lashes of snow, they effectively become an emergency response service to clear main roads of fallen branches or to distribute salt to keep traffic moving! This service is provided by Wiltshire Council.

If you feel a job in your area is in need of a quick solution, please contact our Direct Services team, in the first instance, by the 20th of the month. 

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Wiltshire Probation Services

Trowbridge Town Council and Wiltshire Probation Service work in partnership to great effect. Known to many as 'Community Payback', the work that can be achieved in such a short time is exceptional.
Community Payback projects range from litter removal, clearing dense undergrowth, environmental projects, repairing and re-decorating community centres or removing graffiti. Offenders usually work as part of a team, monitored by a supervisor, although there are some opportunities for individual placements.
A major recent project between Wiltshire Probation Service and Newtown Primary School, carried out over a series of weekends, has created the school's long-awaited 'Secret Garden'.

If you are a community group or school and feel you could benefit from this use of the Wiltshire Probation Service, please contact the Head of Direct Services, Bill Austin, on 01225 765072.
To be considered your project must meet the following criteria:

- It must benefit the local community.
- It must not take paid work away from others. 
- No one must make a profit from the work.
- It must be challenging and demanding. 
- It must be worthwhile and constructive. 
- Offenders must be seen to be putting something back into the community. 

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Street Furniture

Trowbridge Town Council is responsible for most of the furniture throughout the Town Centre. Our benches are plain black and steel in construction and our bins are identifiable by our town crest.
In 2009, with much construction taking place around the town, it was decided that we invest in "finger post" directional signs around the town. It was essential the new signs were linked through the town centre and park area. In total, nine additional posts were purchased and positioned in recommended places to ensure visitors to the town knew where to find our key locations. These posts have been painted in a "black and gold" heritage style which was adopted throughout as the Trowbridge Town Council colour scheme. This included bollards, bus shelters and our town entrance planters.

Trowbridge Town Council, with match funding from Wiltshire Council, have situated four additional bus shelters since July 2009, as requested by residents' associations and the general public. If you feel a bus shelter would be welcomed in an area near you, then requests can be sent to the Direct Services Team for future consideration. 

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Dropped kerbs and town parking

The main responsibility for this falls with Wiltshire Council who will contract companies to carry out these works. However, the general public should approach their Parish Council to request either a dropped kerb or double yellow lines. Wiltshire Council require Trowbridge Town Council to compile a list of requests which comes to us via residents' associations. Trowbridge Town Council will then consult with the highways team on the practicality of the requests. Over the past three years Trowbridge Town Council has successfully sourced match funding for dropped kerbs and a total of 22 pedestrian crossings were added to the town's highways.
Should you require a dropped kerb, or if you feel that recent changes to parking restrictions in your area need to be reconsidered, then please contact the Direct Services Team on 01225 765072.

Trowbridge Town Centre CCTV system

There are currently twenty-nine CCTV cameras located within the town centre that are owned and maintained by Trowbridge Town Council. The system was updated three years ago to comply with new requirements for providing evidence that is "fit for purpose". The Town Council contracts The Workman Group, the management agents for the Shires Shopping Centre, to carry out the monitoring of the CCTV system in the recently upgraded control room. A review suite is also located within the Town Council offices which allows Wiltshire Police the opportunity to sit and review footage before deciding what evidence is needed to be recorded. This suite is very active with daily visits from Wiltshire Police to collect evidence. 

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Christmas Lights

Once a year the streets in the Town Centre come to life with the addition of extra lighting. Trowbridge Town Council own and are responsible for the LED low voltage Christmas lights throughout the town, bringing a festive touch to the community. A lighted ceiling net stretches along Fore Street with over thirty motifs on lamp columns as well as cross-street displays, providing more than enough to get you into the seasonal spirit!