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Within Trowbridge Town Council, and managed by Bill Austin, Head of Direct Services, the Direct Services team is responsible for the management, development and maintenance of all properties and assets owned by the Town Council.

On a day-to-day basis this team is responsible for properties including The Civic Centre, Longfield Community Centre plus the facilities at Seymour Cabin. They also monitor and maintain most of the football fields in and around Trowbridge, including hard play areas where basketball and five-a-side teams regularly meet. The town's CCTV system, which seeks to improve the security for the residents of Trowbridge, is also managed by the Direct Services team. Additionally, in 2012, Trowbridge Information Centre became part of this department of the Town Council. In July 2013, the department became responsible for the ownership and maintenance of Trowbridge Park.

To further enhance the town environment, in addition to the floral displays, this team continues to make Trowbridge an attractive environment in which to live or visit, with initiatives such as updating street furniture and town signage.

The annual task of the refurbishment and enhancement of the town's Christmas lights display is also carried out by the Direct Services team, always seeking to build and improve on previous years' successes. As with all of the Town Council's projects, energy saving is paramount as it reduces costs to the local taxpayer.