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Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities 0
Trowbridge Town Council has many recreational areas located throughout the town. The areas are public and are free for anyone to use. Whether it be walking, training or just a quiet area to read a book, we aim to ensure that all our sites are maintained and clean for everyone at all times.
It is important that dog lovers who exercise their animals, clean up after them, please! We want everyone to enjoy this space, and dog fouling is obviously very unpopular!
Trowbridge Town Council would love to be able to guarantee the weather each day, but unfortunately while we cannot, we can however guarantee our play areas are clean and safe for all to use, every day of the year!

Recreational Facilities 1

Skateboard Park

The youth of Trowbridge benefit greatly from Stallards Skateboard Park which has proved to be one of the largest and most successful projects within this department to date. We believe it also greatly enhances the leisure facilities in the town.
This facility is regulary maintained and inspected by the Direct Services Team. On occasions, the park itself hosts events co-ordinated by various organisations for displays and even tutoring. It is very rare to see this facility empty, often enjoying thirty plus users at times.
It is hoped that one day the skate park can be extended and shelters added as requested by its keen users.
If you are interested in hosting an event at the skate park (subject to meeting set requirements), please contact the Direct Services team on 01225 765072.

Recreational Facilities 2

Grove Recreation Area

Located on the College Estate off Bradley Road in Trowbridge is a small recreational area known to local residents as "Chapmens Field". This consists of an open area complete with a junior size football pitch, a "Five-a-Side" hard court area complete with basketball hoops and a play area for under 5s.

£18,000 was spent on this area in 2008 to enhance the play area and to encourage more interactive physical activity for children.  This includes a trim trail, play tower with slide and a four way rocking horse with all purpose weather surfacing offering all year round play. Acknowledged by the local residents' association, this investment fulfils the needs of local play provision.
Direct Services carry out monthly inspections and keep this area maintained to its highest standard. The area itself is also available to host small events with permission from Trowbridge Town Council. Please contact the Direct Services team.

Recreational Facilities 3

Studley Recreation Area

Studley Recreation Area is located on the outskirts of the town, heading toward Wingfield. The site consists of a play area which has 2 football pitches, a fenced hard court and a dirt track BMX circuit, for the youth who like to get dirty perfoming the stunts and tricks associated with BMX!
The pitches are leased to Trowbridge Wanderers football club who, during season can have up to 300 youth, aiming to be the next Lionel Messi! Information about their club can be found here.

Recreational Facilities 4

Other Areas

Trowbridge Town Council are also responsible for the hard court "five-a-side" areas located within the school grounds of Walwayne School and Longmeadow School. These facilities are available for public use outside school hours, the schools themselves having priority during school hours.
Another small under-8s play area, located off Regents Place on Studley Green, is also looked after by the Direct Services team. This year the Studley Area Residents' Association, with joint funding from Wiltshire Council and the Town Council facilitated the installation of a new "Trim Trail". The enhancement of this site has seen a decrease in anti-social behaviour and an increase in young persons using the site.